About Us

From their home in the beautiful Brianza region north of Milano, the Alberti family dedicates their experience, knowledge and passion to providing some of the most innovative Italian road cycling products on the market today.
But more than simply creating high-end bike equipment, the Albertis commit themselves to understanding you the cyclist, whether you race for a living, train for fitness or are involved in a cycling-related business.
This translates to products that constantly push the envelope of design, weight reduction and above all, safety.

Why go down the twisted road when sometimes the solution is easily and immediately available?

The direct route to quality

Bike Ribbon is a leading company for bicycle accessories who have nurtured a profound experience after many years of activity and close contact with the world of racing and developing products for the uncompromising world of professional cycling.  All of this effort along with the passion that we put in each product produces a range that is unique in every detail.  Every product which is produced by us is individually controlled from the design to the finished product. All phases of the production are monitored to ensure the highest quality that our customers require. Our team is always with you where ever you go in the world because in every article there is part of our spirit.